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Surrounding information

  • Kamikochi

    Kamikochi which shows different facial expressions every season is 20 minutes to 30 minutes riding from Sawando Onsen, bus for Kamikochi.
    It is a mountain scenic spot of about 1,500 meters in altitude Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
    Chubu Sangaku National Park, it is designated as a National cultural property (Place of special scenic beauty・special natural monument).
    • Kamikochi spring

      Please enjoy the scenery where the flowers spread.
      When you are tired of walking, you can relax and take a rest and enjoy a tiring heart.
    • Kamikochi early summer

      Mountains clearly appear on the surface of the water, green is a dazzling season.
      It's perfect for a refreshing climate to comfortably forget about everyday life.
    • Kamikochi summer

      It is healed by the transparency of the clear pond and the green full of vitality.
      Yakedake and Taisho Pond are a must-see.
    • Autumn Kamikochi

      The gradation of the autumn leaves colorizes the mountain.
      As if the fallen leaves flowing through the river, it is exhausted to a word of elegance.
    • Kamikochi winter

      Mountains covered with snow makeup are full of harsh tranquility.
      Spring will come to Kamikochi when the snow accumulated whitely changes to snow melting water.
  • Norikura Kogen

    It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sawando Onsen.
    There are many spots where you can enjoy various nature such as Ichinose Park, Ushidomeike, waterfall, ranch from 1200 to 1800 M elevation which spreads at the foot of the east of Mt. Mt. Norikuradake.
    • Norikura Kogen

      As the hotel is in the final location to be reached by car, it is the best location in front of the bus stop so please use the hotel's parking lot and take a walk around Kamikochi and relax.
  • Secret hot spring·Shirahone Onsen

    It is approximately 15 minutes by car from Sawando Onsen.

    • Shirahone Onsen

      Milky white famous hot spring full of wildness surrounded by deep forest and Yukawa Valley.
  • Sawando Onsen

    Azusagawa Keikoku hot spring resort where nature of Azusagawa Keikoku fosters
    • Recommended for drive Autumn leaves in autumn

      Not to mention the view from the bus, this season the eyes are pleasant even if you run by yourself.
      Whichever you face, you can enjoy the mountains dyed in various colors.