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  2. In case of pet accompanying

In case of pet accompanying

Online pets are not accepted for pet owners

  • As a dedicated room for guests with pets,
    Japanese room 1 room Western Western room Twin room only available.
    Because we do not accept online reservation at all,
    Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Points to note for pet owners

  • The hotel is not a pet special accommodation.
    Below, when using, please use according to the rules of the hotel.
  • ◇Please check with your owner at first when checking in.

    ◇We do not accept any deposits by staff.

    ◇There is no preparation for pet meal, dishes, sheets, gauges etc, so bring each one.

    ◇Pets are not allowed in the space where other guests are located.Please hold it in a corridor, or put it in a gauge.

    ◇Depending on the situation you may ask you to use the doorway closer to the room rather than the entrance to the main entrance.

    ◇When eating, bathing etc, when the owner is absent, you will be in the gauge in your room and will be in an answering machine.Please bring each gauge.

    ◇If there are complaints from other customers, such as wasteful barking is too bad, we will take measures such as getting in the car etc.

    ◇Please note that due to pets we will charge substantial repair costs if there is destruction or dirt in the facility such as wallpaper, door, floor, tatami etc.

    ◇In addition, we are not involved in any troubles and problems concerning pets at all, so we ask in the owner's responsibility.