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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'd like to leave before breakfast

    Changing to rice balls is possible if you can tell us the day before.
    We prepare by departure.
    Please enjoy Kamikochi early in the morning.Continue reading
  • Amenity is?

    We have toothbrush / towel / bath towel / razor / Yukata.
  • What is the Internet environment?

    The whole building free Wifi is possible.
  • Meals time?

    Dinner is from 18 o'clock, the meal venue is closed at 20:30.
    Breakfast is served from 7:30 and the meal venue is at 9 o'clock.
  • Is the hot spring a natural hot spring? What is the quality of spring?

    It is a natural hot spring.Simple hot spring Hypotonic Weakly alkaline fountain, it is effective for motor function disorder · beautiful skiContinue reading
  • Is the child small, can you stay?

    Accommodation is possible.Even without a futon meal, the facility fee is charged, but please understand.
  • What about bathing time?

    You can take a bath for 24 hours.You can use it at your favorite time.
  • How long is check-in / check-out?

    Check in is from 15:00 to 18:00 and checkout is at 10:00.
  • How much is it from the bus stop?

    It is a bus stop opposite the hotel (in Sawando Shakomae).It is a 2 to 3 minutes walk.
  • Is there a smoking place?

    There are not in the facility, but there are three places outside.
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    Western-style twin room, double bedroom on the first floor · Japanese room with Ryukyu Tatami is a non-smoking room.
  • Is it barrier-free?

    There is no barrier free.We will also use the stairs, please understand.
    Buildings and facilities are old, so we will take care of you.I'm sContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    There are no convenience stores etc. with ATM corner around our hotel.The nearest convenience store will be the New Shinshimashima 7-Eleven.Continue reading
  • Can I use the parking lot even before and after the check-out?

    We can park but please ask by basic 15 o'clock.
    Guests staying on a few days can book in the evening or overnight,
    Please contact me.
  • Is it possible to pay by credit card?

    Payment with various credit cards is possible.In addition, we can not pay with the card if you plan a "cash special price"plan.Please undersContinue reading
  • Can I go for a meal in the room?

    Most of our guests are having dinner while they are wearing indoor clothes.
    Please do not hesitate to come.

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